MAS Lends a Helping Hand to ‘Feed My Starving Children’

MAS Lends a Helping Hand to Phoenix Local ‘Feed My Starving Children’:

Recently, MAS International lent a helping hand to a local Phoenix non-profit organization called Feed My Starving Children, who’s mission is to provide nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children all over the world. After watching an educational clip on why they do what they do and the difference it makes for the thousands of hungry children worldwide, we grabbed our hairnets, broke out into teams, turned the music up, and got to work!

Each team consists of five members and each member is given a specific task i.e. scooping, weighing, sealing, etc. When you have completed a certain number of meal packs, your team shouts over to your runner who races over and grabs your full box. Each box is then loaded up and shipped out to its final destination, ours being the Philippines and Haiti. In 45 minutes flat, we packaged up 78 boxes in total! What a way to spend an evening providing meals to children in need and lending a hand to a local non-profit. Feed My Starving Children is an awesome team environment, full of energy and excitement. We can’t wait to do it again!