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6 Time Management Secrets

We have all said it before, “I wish I had more time”, or “I need more hours in a day”. Being able to get all of the things done on your to do list can be stressful and you are left thinking “how am I ever going to finish everything.” Then you meet someone who seems to be able to complete twice the tasks as you and still has time for themselves. Time management can be a common problem for a lot of people. Time can be your enemy or your best friend, and we want to make it a best friend.

By developing a few time management skills, we are able to make time your best friend and make you the one getting everything done.

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  1. Make a list and schedule. At first just deciding to make a list and schedule can seem overwhelming, but by taking advantage of your phones and tables, this can become the easiest thing. All phones have a calendar and some sort of note app. Take advantage of these. Use the note pad app to put things on your list. You may even start to develop a task list with multiple parts; to do today, to do this week, and to do this month. Put your tasks on the calendar with alarms to help make your schedule. Remember to make your technology work for you.


  1. Time Each Task and Use That Time Efficiently. When entering things into your calendar, take a moment to schedule not only the start time, but also the end time. By entering the end time on task, the calendar will block off that time. Remember to include drive time or prep time if needed. This will ensure that you do not “overbook” yourself and you can devote all of that time to that one task.



  1. Learn to say NO. This can be hard, especially if the person has come to rely on you, but your time is precious. Since we now have our schedule, and task lists going, don’t be afraid to look at your calendar and say “Unfortunately, there is not enough room in my schedule for that.”


  1. Only Touch It Once. Make sure you schedule enough time to complete each task. By doing so you ensure that you only touch the task once. You have scheduled this time for this task, commit to it, and see it through. When you go back and continually work on a project, you may end up feeling defeated by the task. By completing it and only touching it once, you gain a sense of accomplishment, able to check it off your list, and are ready to take on the nest task.


  1. Remove yourself From Time Suckers. Time suckers are just what the name implies. They are tasks that take up too much of your precious time. When a task is discovered to be a time sucker, reevaluate the task. Ask yourself if the task is necessary, and how important it is to you. If the task is unnecessary, do you need to do it? If it is necessary, can you delegate it to someone else, or can it be done on a different day when you have more time to dedicate to it?


  1. Develop a sense of urgency. Remember your time is precious. The sooner you can complete a task the sooner you can start on the next, and thus complete your entire task list. Once your task list is complete for the day you will have time for yourself. Time to go out with a friend or watch that movie you have wanted to see. You may even schedule your time in order to make sure you don’t skip it.

So, it’s not just hard work that will help you accomplish all of your tasks, but time management. By following these simple tips to make time your best friend, you can go from wondering how others get things done, to being the one getting them done.

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Top 10 Must Read Articles From 2017

As we settle into the new year and reflect upon 2017, we think about all of the things we learned, accomplished and even failed. There was some great advice, tips and tricks to help get us through the year. Trying to sort through them can be daunting. That’s why we complied this list of our top 10 from 2017.MAS International Consistent Performers Sam, Omid, Cory, Ashley.jpg

5 Phases You Should Use Every day –  Many people believe that being able to interact with people in person is just as important as the things you do, or how you dress. While the things we read, how we dress, and our online presence are important, they only paint a portion of the picture. These phrases will certainly improve your standing with others.

7 Rules for Making a Great First Impression – No matter the setting, a first impression is important. After all you only 1 first impression. Business Insider has shown us tips that make that first impression go well.

Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs –  Entrepreneurs don’t stop working just because the clock struck 5:00 on Friday afternoon. They have to work even on the weekend, but this work may seem odd at first glance. In reality, the work is more of a habit. This list outlines the common habits of successful entrepreneurs.

Be A Leader Not a Boss – We have all worked for someone that was a really good leader, and we have all had a boss. Understanding the difference between the two can help you become a better boss and effectively a leader in your industry.

9 Habits That Will Help You Build Wealth on A Small Salary – We have all experienced that moment of wondering where all our money went and we just got paid. However, you don’t have to be rich to save and build wealth. Here are some tips to build your wealth with out having to live on rice and beans.

How to Boost Creativity in Your Team – Creative individuals are able to help solve problems and think of solutions better than someone who is not as creative. This article highlights the benefits of having creative thinkers on your team and how to find them in the interview process. It also highlights ways to increase your own creativity.

5 Communication Strategies for People Who Don’t Like Talking – Are you an introverted entrepreneur? You may have an advantage over your extroverted counterparts, as long as you learn how to. Here we learn how to turn being an introvert into and asset.

Great Questions to Ask During a Job Interview – At one time or another, we have all been sitting in an interview being asked all sorts of questions about ourselves and our experience. Usually, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them. When given this opportunity be prepared. Here is a list of questions to ask and how to interpret the responses.

9 Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read – Bill Gates has become extremely successful. One thing that he admitted to was reading on a regular basis. Here are some of his favorite books that he thinks everyone should read.

Tips for Starting the Week Off Right – Monday’s come around every week and we can’t hide from them. But starting the week out with the right mindset will kick start your week into the right direction. Here are some tips to de-stress your Monday and streamline your routine.

MAS INTERNATIONAL offers a full spectrum of outsourced solutions and service offerings to help organizations empower their business.

​Servicing Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area; MAS International increase​s output and communication while optimizing business performance by helping you overcome cost and other perceived complexities.

To keep up with everything ​MAS International, follow the brand on Instagram @masinternationalaz and Facebook @​masinternationalaz, or visit

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MAS International Earns Growth Initiative Award For Q1

MAS International’s Human Resources Manager, Danielle H., received recognition for being the leading performer in growth initiative for the industry and region for Quarter 1 of 2017.

Upon recognition, Dani received a Recruiting Campaign Cup. Key contributors to winning the Campaign Cup Award were based on meeting and exceeding growth targets and driving revenue.

I am honored to be awarded this Campaign Cup trophy,” said Dani. “I am committed to achieving excellence on behalf of MAS International and feel very lucky to work with such a supportive team.”

Dani continues to strive to bring top talent to MAS International and serve our clients with only the best. She hopes to continue receiving this unique award each quarter.

Offering full spectrum solutions and services, MAS International empowers organizations and businesses through optimizing business performance and helping companies overcome cost and other perceived complexities.



MAS Lends a Helping Hand to ‘Feed My Starving Children’

MAS Lends a Helping Hand to Phoenix Local ‘Feed My Starving Children’:

Recently, MAS International lent a helping hand to a local Phoenix non-profit organization called Feed My Starving Children, who’s mission is to provide nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children all over the world. After watching an educational clip on why they do what they do and the difference it makes for the thousands of hungry children worldwide, we grabbed our hairnets, broke out into teams, turned the music up, and got to work!

Each team consists of five members and each member is given a specific task i.e. scooping, weighing, sealing, etc. When you have completed a certain number of meal packs, your team shouts over to your runner who races over and grabs your full box. Each box is then loaded up and shipped out to its final destination, ours being the Philippines and Haiti. In 45 minutes flat, we packaged up 78 boxes in total! What a way to spend an evening providing meals to children in need and lending a hand to a local non-profit. Feed My Starving Children is an awesome team environment, full of energy and excitement. We can’t wait to do it again!

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MAS International – Key Takeaways From the Annual National Conference: Desire + Intention = Outcome

🔑 Desire + Intention = Outcome 🔑

This simple equation is just one of the many key takeaways from the 2016 National Conference in Dallas, Texas!

Last month, the team at MAS International set off, motivated and ready to learn from some of the best minds, leaders, and consultants in the industry. We spent two jam-packed days attending breakout sessions, org meetings, a working lunch, and a huge awards dinner where organizations went above and beyond this year. Congrats to all that were awarded!

Here are just a few tidbits from some of our leaders here at MAS International who attended the conference and the impact they experienced:

“What I really enjoyed seeing was the strong leadership from a woman leader, who explained if we want to live a certain life style you need to work hard at it and don’t stop before you start. The number one person you can always count on is yourself, don’t ever lose sight of your dreams and goals.” – Esperanza M.

“My favorite experience at the Dallas conference was when business guru and entrepreneur Michael S. was talking to us about finding the positive in everything. He said everything has an opposite, every negative has a positive, and every person/situation has a good side.” – Tyler L.

“My favorite part of the conference was when we were in the breakouts by group, we had 3 amazing speakers. One thing that really made an impact and was so profound to me was ‘If you want people to bet on you bet on yourself. Desire + Intention=Outcome. No one takes massive action unless someone is emotionally involved or excited about it; so get excited and involved in what you do.” – Lorena D.

“The Dallas national conference was not only inspiring, fun and informative, but I think it reminded all of us of how relatable successful business men and women are. Success does not require an above average IQ or any secret talent. Winners never quit and that simple theme was apparent from all of the speakers we were so lucky to listen to this weekend.” – Lisa D.

Many thanks to all the excellent speakers who inspired us to continue striving and working hard to achieve our goals day in and day out. Can’t wait until the next conference!

– The MAS International Team